Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Having a non-verbal moment. Feel whacked out. All dried up. Been busy planting out seedling annuals - veg and flowers. Ground very dry. Planting. Watering. Planting. Watering. Tired.

Found some time to paint. First ink border piece. Bright red tulips First a sketchbook page - nice new paper, nice old watercolours. Loved it. Then canvas. Reed pen and acrylic ink. Didn't like it much. Painted it out. Drew in pencil. Rubbed and scrubbed. Added paint. Played around with more paint, abstract shapes, bright colours. Not my usual style. Fun to do. Finished details.

Coat of acrylic matt varnish. Picture hooks on the back. Hung in hallway en route to the said border.

Today rain and the first poppy out. Bliss oh joy!

Now drawing Iris Germanica ____________

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